Tube Times Index Compiled by Stephanie Alting-Mees

  1. Number of bikes sold in the U.S. in 2000: 20,600,000 (a record)
  2. Number of which were imports: 20,279,091
  3. Metropolitan area ranked number one among the country's most congested regions: Los Angeles
  4. Metropolitan area ranked number two: Bay Area
  5. Percentage by which the average speed of a 150-pound bicyclist putting out 100 watts of power will diminish when riding on a street with a stop sign every 300 feet: 40 percent
  6. Increase in output power required by the bicyclist if she wants to maintain an average speed of 12.5 mph while still coming to a complete stop at each sign: almost 500 watts

Sources: 1, 2, Bicycle Retailer & Industry News and U.S. Commerce Department; 3,4, Texas Transportation Institute; 5, 6, Access, a journal of the University of California Transportation Center at UC Berkeley