Tube Times Index Compiled by Denise Woodward

  1. Amount of money drivers will pay to bring private automobiles into central London, beginning January 2003: $7
  2. Expected reduction in traffic as a result of this toll, expressed as a percent: 15%
  3. Amount of money this "congestion charge" will yield annually: $282 million
  4. Fine for drivers caught evading toll: $112
  5. Amount of time an average American spends in a car in traffic per day: 73 minutes
  6. Percent of daily trips Americans make that are less than 1 mile: 25%
  7. Of those short trips, percent made by automobile: 75%
  8. Number of Americans who own bicycles: 42 million
  9. Percent of all trips made by bicycle: Less than 1%
  10. Number of people killed in car crashes in the U.S. since the September 11 attacks: 8,210
  11. Number of people killed in the September 11 attacks: 6,580

    Sources: 1-4, The Associated Press, July 10, 2001; 5-9, Outside Magazine, August 2001; 10, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [extrapolated data]; 11, CNN