Member-Get-A-Member Campaign: Tow a Friend into the SFBC

Membership has its privileges, including free use of the SFBC's bike trailers.
In just a few years, thousands of bicyclists have come together in our grassroots movement, resulting in great strides towards our goal of making San Francisco the most bicycle-friendly city in the country. The SFBC closed 2001 with close to 3,300 members, a new high for us.

But it's clear we could do more. For a quick reality check, the car advocacy group AAA has over 3.5 million members in northern California alone. We need to dramatically expand our membership to make the bicycle movement even more effective and to transform San Francisco into a biking paradise on the scale of Amsterdam and other European cities.

To reach our goals, we're launching a new membership drive with an ambitious target of 4,000 SFBC members by year's end. You can help (and win fabulous prizes) by recruiting your biking buddies! Everyone who refers at least three new members gets a lovely LED headlight. A special prize will go to the person who recruits the most new members for the cause.

It's easy! Just tell your friends about all the benefits of SFBC membership—discounts at scores of bike shops in the city, free admission to our rides and parties, free rental of our fleet of bike trailers, the fabulous Tube Times newsletter, and the satisfaction of joining a movement to dramatically improve biking in San Francisco! Make sure your friends fill out a membership form (and include your name under "I was referred by" so you can claim a cool prize!). We've inserted a colorful, easy-to-use membership form in this issue. You can also use the membership form on the back page of the Tube Times or join online at