Eight Dates for Two Wheels by Michael Tanner

The Pacific Gravity
It's always downhill to Ocean Beach. So throw some sweaters in the bag to cushion the wine bottle and catch a romantic sunset. Or make a Sunday of it, stopping by the Cliff House, Seal Rock, and - before it's shut for good - the Musee Mechanique for some pinball, then drinks at the Beach Chalet.

The 100,000 Honeymooners Can't Be Wrong
America's most kiss-worthy vista is within seven miles of anyone in the city. The Golden Gate Bridge is especially spectacular now between rain and fog seasons. Plus, the Marin Headlands beckon just beyond, with wildflowers going full blast in Rodeo Valley.

The 40-Minute Athlete
Impress your date with your climbing prowess and some sweeping views, without leaving town: Blast up Twin Peaks or Telegraph Hill. The Peaks is all about the 360-degree views, but Telegraph also offers Coit Tower and an evening in North Beach without transportation hassles.

The Politics of Love
Nothing brings two people together like a little bike-rights solidarity at Critical Mass. Except maybe being incarcerated together at the end of the ride, but let's not think about that. In any case, you've always got an invite to at least one rolling party every month.

The Baseball Metaphor
Bum seats off a season ticket-holder or spring for the bleachers, then roll to the park named after that phone company and take advantage of the free and secure valet bike parking offered by the SFBC. Order some beers and snuggle up against the incoming fog. Did anybody notice the score?

The Straight to the Point
Skip the preliminaries and proceed to the Zeitgeist on Valencia St. Park your steeds out back and chill with a pitcher like the messengers. Order something from the barbecue and it counts as dinner, too.

The Planning-Challenged
In no mood for anything in particular? Bring a U-lock to your favorite neighborhood - or a mysterious new one - and stop as much as you like without worrying about reparking the car or expiring the bus transfer. Something fun will turn up.

The Daisy, Daisy
There's just something cute and couple-y about a bicycle built for two. And if you ride at a different speed than your love, this is the great equalizer. Rent tandems on Stanyan St. or Fisherman's Wharf, but be warned: You're forced to cooperate, so it can be a real relationship-tester.