Tube Times Index Compiled by Stephanie Alting-Mees

  1. Pounds of greenhouse gases saved by using New Leaf Paper's 80% recycled/60% post consumer, chlorine-free paper for a year's worth of the Tube Times: 4,233 pounds (equivalent to driving the average American car 3,427 miles)
  2. Kilowatt hours of electricity saved by using the above mentioned paper: 3,342 kwh (equivalent to 4.3 months of electric power required by the average U.S. home)
  3. Number of trees saved: 26
  4. Pounds of solid waste that won't be generated: 2,328 pounds
  5. Landfill space that won't be needed: 6 cubic yards
  6. Gallons of gasoline saved in one year if cycling levels in the U.S. were raised from 1 trip in 100 by bicycle to 1.5 trips in 100: 462 million gallons (that's one day a year we won't need to import oil)
  7. Percent increase in transit ridership for the first three quarters of 2001, compared with the same period for the previous year: 2.2%
  8. Percent increase in driving, measured as vehicle miles traveled, over the same period: 0.5%

Sources: 1-5, New Leaf Paper audit of Tube Times annual paper usage; 6, Bike Traffic, newsletter of the Chicagoland BIcycle Federation, May 2002; 7, 8, American Public Transportation Association