Market Street and Golden Gate Park Updates by Leah Shahum

Hundreds Help Kick Off Market St. Planning Efforts

More than 200 people attended the first public workshop of the major Market Street transportation improvement planning effort in July. Attendees gave substantial feedback on ways to improve the street for all users--focusing on better bicycling, walking, and transit conditions. Ideas included painting bicycle and transit lanes a special color so they stand out; extending the bike lane or a path the entire length of Market St.; adding pedestrian countdown signals or pedestrian "scramble" signals at intersections; creating raised crosswalks between sidewalks and center bus islands for pedestrian safety; adding bike racks on Market Street; and much more. Check out all the comments gathered at marketstreet.htm.

The SFBC and Transportation for a Livable City are working closely with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority--which is overseeing the planning effort--to emphasize community input. The next public meeting will be in October, at which some preliminary ideas for improvements will be presented for public feedback. Check for the meeting date and details. To get involved specifically with the SFBC's efforts to improve biking on Market Street, contact Mary Brown at 431-BIKE, ext. 4 or

Golden Gate Park Lovers Suggest Improvements

Bicyclists and non-bicyclists alike gave their suggestions for improving Golden Gate Park at the first public meeting kicking off the SFBC's Golden Gate Park Bike Plan, funded by the Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority. More than 40 people came to the Park branch library in late August to brainstorm ideas for better biking in the Park, as well as general traffic-calming suggestions for John F. Kennedy Drive. Ideas ranged from striped bike lanes in the Park to separate, wide bicycle/pedestrian paths, to more bike parking, to improvements at key access points into and out of the Park. A smaller group joined the SFBC's bike tour of the Park in late September to get a direct look at some of the biggest areas of concern. The next public meeting will be October 17, when suggestions will be presented for public feedback. Stay tuned to Golden Gate Park bike issues--and fill out an online survey--at campaigns/ggp_task_force/.