We Love Our Volunteers!

Our efforts to build a bike-friendly city rely on our dedicated volunteer corps, who do everything from parking bikes at events to working on campaigns for more bike lanes, and everything in between. Give these folks the respect they deserve for their fabulous contributions to the cause!

Peter Alau• Mary Allen• Peter Bejger• Rick Bond• Anna Bonner• Cheryl Brinkman• Katie Brown• Liam Casey• Paul Chasen• Max Chen• Michael Cobb• Renee Curran• Ann Dunn• Douglas Engel• Brandon Fine• Gregg Foster• Jen Geary• Heather Gold• Tomer Gurantz• Candace Hamilton• Jody Horn• Tracy Jarvis• Rane Johnson• Zach Kahn• Brian Kahrs• Allison Lange• Pippi Lovestocking• Renessa Lopez• Antoine Mahan• Chad Major• Adam Milligan• Patrick Myall• Jennifer Paillet• Alice Payton• Mike Ray• Russel Reagan• Tim Shea• Ellen Sherrod• Justin Smith• Dylan Snodgrass• Kyle Sosebee• Greg Stempson• Louise Tang• Andy Thornley• Norihiro Tonosaki• Karen Vardeman• Marcia Weisbrot• Mary Wings