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The Tube Times is the quarterly print newsletter of the SF Bicycle Coalition. Delivered to current SF Bicycle Coalition members, and available at bike shops across the city.

Tube Times Fall 2014 Cover

The Future of Our Streets: What’s at Stake in This Election?

With votes on three transportation ballot measures, five Board of Supervisors seats and a BART Board of Directors position, the November 4 election will be significant in deciding the future of how we move around San Francisco for decades to come.

The local transportation measures that San Francisco voters will weigh in on — Propositions A and B (Yes!) and L (No!) — reveal that San Francisco is at a crossroads in terms of how we approach transportation.

Will we be a city catering to planning that subsidizes “easy” parking over livable streets? Will we commit to real Transit-First policies or roll back to 1950s, car-is-king transportation planning? Will we choose to invest in a top-notch bicycling infrastructure, or will we pedal along with the status quo?

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Raised Bikeway Rendering of Valencia and Duncan Plaza (SF PUC)

Raising the Bar: Euro-style Bikeways Coming to SF

San Francisco streets are changing! From protected bikeways to bike-timed lights to on-street bike corrals, City planners are introducing more cutting-edge bike infrastructure and designs to San Francisco streets. What’s next on the list? Raised bikeways!

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Improving Access to the Waterfront

With nearly 40 miles of shoreline, San Francisco is truly a city built on the bay. It only makes sense that our waterfront deserves the highest quality bikeway that ties all the neighborhoods and destinations together. As part of Connecting the City, our vision for 100 miles of crosstown bikeways that are welcoming for people of all ages, our Bay Trail Bikeway connects our waterfront work from the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to Candlestick.

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2013 Bike-Friendly Business Award winners

Bikes + Business = Better Streets

Business membership is central to our growing efforts to involve San Francisco companies in our work to promote the bicycle for everyday transportation. Seeking to expand on the success of our individual membership model, last year we launched our annual business membership program. Today, a rapidly growing list of over 20 San Francisco companies enjoy the benefits of year-round membership while helping to support our work in the process.

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Bao-Tran Ausman Commuter of the Year

Members are the Heart of Our Work

Members guide our work and power our movement, supporting and engaging with important campaigns that make our city a better place to live, work and bike. We are immensely grateful for their support and for members who also go the extra mile (or more) by volunteering regularly and spreading the bike love. A mountain of thanks to SF Bicycle Coalition members! We truly couldn’t do it without you.

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Discount Partner Profile: Sports Basement

Sports Basement, already one of our fantastic discount partners, took home this year’s grand prize by recruiting the most new members in our annual Bike Shop Challenge. In addition to giving SF Bicycle Coalition members 10% off all purchases, the local sports shop supports our ongoing advocacy all year long by hosting events, sponsoring Bike to Work Day and signing up new members.

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Back Cover: Biking by the Numbers

In September, the NYC Department of Transportation issued a comprehensive report about the impact of protected bikeways. The study showed that protected bikeways reduced travel time for all road users, reduced serious injuries to all road users and increased sales for local businesses. See full study here. 

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