Fell and Oak Streets

Serving as the northern and southern borders of the Panhandle, Fell and Oak streets are large streets with fast traffic taken by many commuters both by bike and car. While buffered bike lanes have greatly improved the biking experience, there continues to be much more that can be done for walking and biking.

Thanks to the advocacy of many of our members and in partnership with other neighborhood groups, the SFMTA Board of Directors unanimously approved a project on October 16, 2012 to install a protected bikeway on Fell and Oak Streets from Scott Street to Baker Street. This allowed for a much safer connection to and from the Wiggle, especially on these high-speed streets. After the bikeways were completed in May 2013, preliminary reports show an overall decrease in speeds and better behavior from people who now felt much better biking in the protected bikeway.

Despite this, there continue to be delays in the full implementation of the design, which called for permanent buffers to separate the bikeway from vehicle traffic. There still is need for further reducing speeds and improving key intersections to make crossing streets safer for the people who live, walk, and bike in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Fell and Oak Streets

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Project Details

On October 16, 2012, the SFMTA Fell and Oak Pedestrian and Bike Safety Project is approved. The first phase of construction completed in May 2013, which included:

  • Protected bikeways on Fell Street (going west) and Oak Street (going east) from Scott Street to Baker Street
  • Green bike lanes to increase visibility and highlight designation
  • Soft-hit posts to prevent vehicles from entering the buffer zone

Four blocks in total, from Divisadero Street to Baker Street were repaved in February 2014. There were delays in repainting the bike lanes green and returning soft-hit posts.

The soft-hit posts were to be a temporary measure until concrete planters would be permanently installed. These have been delayed and installation is planned for later in 2014.

The SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has been working with the SFMTA on a project to add rain gardens to bulbouts along Fell and Oak Streets. Originally scheduled for 2013, construction is now planned for summer 2014.