Polk Street

Polk Street is a key North/South bike route that connects the Marina to City Hall. This vibrant corridor caters to largely car-free neighbors and thousands of people who bike and walk here every day. Yet, Polk is one of the least safe corridors, with an average of one person hit biking and walking each month.

The City is repaving Polk Street in 2015. Let’s make sure they put it back better, not just smoother. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and community partners are advocating for protected bikeways and substantial pedestrian improvements—including bulbouts, protected bikeway on both sides of Polk Street and a contra-flow bikeway to City Hall.

Despite huge community support for bike and pedestrian improvements, the City has watered down the designs, caving to a vocal minority who are choosing their parking over your safety. A few business owners are concerned that reducing car parking will negatively impact their business, but the SFMTA’s own study shows that the majority of people arrive by bike, walking and transit, and that they spend more at local businesses than those who drive.

Polk Street

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Community Partners

Many organizations have taken up the cause for a safer Polk Street and Folks for Polk is at the vanguard of the campaign. For months, they have been busy leveraging tech solutions to reach a larger number of neighbors to create a Polk Street for everyone.


The Polk Street project has been wrought with delays, because City leaders have backed down from key elements because of vocal opponents who think this busy biking and walking corridor is fine just as it is. The City held four Open Houses to discuss design options. Despite huge support for the protected bikeways, the City’s “preferred alternative” now includes a combination of protected bikeways and sharrows.