Help us harness the revolutionary power of the bicycle to forever shape how our city moves.

Biking is the solution for a brighter future


Making a big impact in how SF moves

It’s been a transformative year for our city. We secured a permanently car-free JFK Drive, have gotten more people riding their bikes than ever before, and are making giant strides towards a fully connected bike network in our city.

 Our city's streets were not originally designed for biking. We're securing new car-free spaces, like the JFK Promenade, new protected bike lanes, and expanding the network of car-lite spaces so more people can get biking, walking, and rolling safely in our city.

Transportation is the biggest source of carbon emissions in the city, and bikes help us cut back. To get more people riding the green wave, we've taught over 1,200 people how to ride a bike through our free bike education classes, and our free Valet Bicycle Parking service has parked over 10,500 bikes at events all over SF.

Tackling Climate Change

Shaping People-First Streets

Affordable Transportation

Getting around the city can get expensive. That's why our Bike It Forward program has given away over 300 bikes for free to youth and adults in our city who need a new way to get around affordably, and we've got our sights set on even more in the next year.

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Let’s set a course for a green, bike-powered future for our city. We can’t do it without you.

Promoting the Bicycle for Everyday Transportation.