The more people in our movement, the more power we have to make our streets safe and livable for everybody.


 Building a bigger bike movement in San Francisco

The parent cargo-biking their kids to school, the food delivery worker who commutes via e-bike, an adult who has just discovered the joy of biking for the first time ever – these are just some of the many people who make up our coalition.

We’re shifting the way people move. With more robust programming and partnerships than ever before, we’re getting more youth and adults learning to ride bikes than ever before through free classes.

San Francisco will finalize and implement the Active Communities plan in 2024. It’s up to all of us to hold them to the proposed infrastructure improvements and safety outcomes through engagement and advocacy.

Demand vision and action in San Francisco’s next bike plan.

Keep fighting for safe streets.

Get more people on bikes and in our movement.

Our advocacy team engages the public and advocates for improvements that make our streets safer, like winning parking-protected bike lanes on 17th Street and campaigning for one on Oak Street. Help us grow our team so we can do even more.

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Be a champion for everyone who bikes, or wants to bike, in San Francisco. Support our work today.

Promoting the Bicycle for Everyday Transportation.