Board of Directors

The SF Bicycle Coalition is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for the organization’s financial health and achievement of its mission. Any SF Bicycle Coalition member can run for the Board. Members are invited to attend Board meetings. Check out our Events Calendar for meeting dates and times. For more information about the Board, email the Board President.


Lawrence Li, President

Lawrence Li has over 23 years of nonprofit administration experience, currently directing administration at SPUR. With a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a Business specialization from UCLA, he combines health care experience with an active desire to promote strong, healthy communities. Lawrence chairs the Land-Use and Transportation Committee at Lower Haight Merchant and Neighbor Association and chairs the Streets Committee as Vice President of Yerba Buena Community Benefit District.


Amandeep Jawa, Secretary

Amandeep Jawa is a software engineer and local environmental activist. As President of the San Francisco League of Conservation Voters, and through his involvement in numerous political campaigns, he has worked to create a better world on a local, regional and national level. In addition to being involved with the SF Bicycle Coalition for many years, he is an avid urban bicyclist and bike commuter.


Mark Slavonia, Treasurer

Mark Slavonia lives in the Presidio with his wife and two children and works as investor at Sansome Partners. His daily commute follows the Connecting the City Bay Trail route. Mark has been racing bikes since 1986 and is an active member of Peninsula Velo’s road racing and cyclocross racing teams. In support of the strategic plan, one area of focus for Mark is getting the city’s large and passionate community of recreational riders more involved with the SF Bicycle Coalition. Mark  serves on the board of Marin Primary and Middle School, where he is active in the Bike to School program.


Rocky Beach

Rocky Beach is a long-standing SF Bicycle Coalition member dedicated to making San Francisco a better city for bicycling. As both an urban and recreational cyclist, he uses the city’s bicycle lanes on a daily basis and is passionate about the SF Bicycle Coalition’s work to combine advocacy, planning, and education to promote bicycling for everyday transportation. Rocky works as a Community Organizer at, specializing in outreach, fundraising, marketing, volunteer management and relationship building.


Mo Devlin

Mo has been biking for transportation and recreation in San Francisco since the late ’80s. Biking brings her lots of joy and she hopes to enable others people to bike more often. She is thrilled to see how the San Francisco streets are benefiting from the vision, advocacy and hard work of the bike community, and  are being transformed into places where biking is a relaxing, wonderful way to connect with the community, and get to and from destinations.


Lisa Fisher

Lisa Fisher is an urban planner and cares deeply about making great neighborhoods through thoughtful planning, design, policy, innovative collaborations, and of course, bikes. As an Associate Principal with AECOM Design + Planning, she has experience managing short- and long-term urban regeneration strategies that target larger urban livability issues. In addition to 15 years of bike commuting, she’s expanded her cycle scene to include road biking, century rides and international touring. As a mom, Lisa is extra motivated to help create a more family-friendly city.


Jenn Fox

Jenn Fox is the Executive Director of the Bay Area Open Space Council. She is an environmental engineer who has focused on resource efficiency and conservation. Over the last 20 years, Jenn has worked both internationally as a Director at the ClimateWorks Foundation and locally, writing the first greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan for the City of Oakland.  Jenn is on the Board of the League of American Bicyclists, the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture, and has a BS in Civil Engineering and an MS in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.

Jean Fraser

Jean Fraser

Jean Fraser is the Chief of the Health System for San Mateo County. Jean works in San Mateo and San Francisco to promote walkable, bikable, livable communities as a critical component of public health by re-engineering physical activity and informal social interactions back into our daily lives. Jean bikes to and from Caltrain every day, and founded the popular Freedom From Training Wheels workshop for kids learning to ride their bikes without training wheels.


Carla McKay

Carla McKay is an urban bicyclist and SF Bicycle Coalition member since 2007. She has a business development background and has worked with many Bay Area and National companies. As CEO/Founder of the Crushed Wine app, Carla brings her connections and insights into the technology community. As a frequent traveler, she stays current on what’s working in other cities. Carla is passionate about continuing the mission to make San Francisco a safer, more user-friendly city to navigate by bike. As a member of the SF Bicycle Coalition Board, she brings her business background to help support key business development and board development initiatives.


Lainie Motamedi

As a board member since 2009, Lainie is focused on implementing Connecting the City, raising awareness and dollars to support the SF Bicycle Coalition’s work, and working to create all-around calmer streets. As a mom who bikes with her kids, she is committed to making San Francisco a safer and saner place to bike for people of all ages. Her background is development and implementation of clean energy policies in the government and non-profit sectors. She is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz, holds an MBA from the University of Washington, and was a Coro Public Affairs Fellow.


Brianne O’Leary Gagnon

Brianne O’Leary Gagnon loves her bicycle and is thrilled to contribute her energy and passion to promote bicycling as an efficient, healthful, and convenient option for everyday transportation.  As a daily bicycle commuter, woman, and parent, Brianne feels a personal responsibility and vested interest in making bicycling safer and more accessible for all San Franciscans.  Brianne brings 10+ years of organization development and human resources experience from the legal and technology fields and is excited to share her expertise to assist the SFBC during an exciting time of change and growth..


Daniel Silverman 

Daniel Silverman is the Vice President for Strategic Services and Corporate Secretary at The James Irvine Foundation. He has spent 20 years directing communications, advocacy and grassroots campaigns for nonprofits, including working as the National Media Director at the Sierra Club and Senior Vice President at Fenton Communications. Daniel lives in the Richmond District and rides with his wife and two kids through Golden Gate Park, the Presidio and around the Richmond. His work on the SF Bicycle Coalition Board has focused on encouraging more families to bike, and on expanding efforts in the Western neighborhoods and communities of color.


Zack Stender

Zack Stender has a love of cycling that has led to an ongoing career in the industry spanning more than 15 years. He has been an avid cyclist for most of his life. Zack rides both road and mountain bikes, and as a car free citizen he commutes solely by bike. Zack couldn’t be more enthusiastic about working with the SF Bicycle Coalition. He is a firm believer in the bicycle as one of the most direct and effective ways to help improve the quality of life for all people, and to help soften human impact on the environment.


Paul Supawanich

Paul Supawanich is an urban and recreational cyclist that equally loves transit and walking. Professionally, he shares a similar passion, working as a transit, biking and walking consultant to support these modes around the United States. Before joining the SFBC Board, Paul served as the Chair for the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee and Young Professionals in Transportation. As a part of the SF Bicycle Coalition Board, he brings an understanding of how bicycling fits into our city’s complex transportation network and supports public goals of public health, livability, healthy commuting.

Andrew Toebben

Andy Toebben

Andy Toebben has been biking to work since elementary school (with a six year hiatus to commute to Silicon Valley).  He is an avid recreational and urban cyclist, thrilled to ramp off decades of efforts by thousands of SFBC members to help make San Francisco the world’s most bike friendly city.  Andy is a Partner and member of the Executive Committee at VLP Law Group, where he specializes in business law for high-tech startups, entrepreneurs and investors.  He took a leave of absence from his law practice in 2008 to lead the Obama campaign’s legal efforts in the Commonwealth of Virginia.