Our Work


Connecting the City

See our vision for 100 miles of crosstown bikeways that link your home to your work and everywhere around the city. Imagine pedaling on protected bikeways from the Bayview to the Richmond and  the Marina to Glen Park: that’s Connecting the City.


Street Campaigns

Learn about our street campaigns across the city. From spot improvements to protected bikeways, the SF Bicycle Coalition is working hard to improve your commute. Learn about our street campaigns and get involved with ones that impact your ride.


Safety and Education

The SF Bicycle Coalition is the leading resource for street safety in San Francisco. We reach tens of thousands of people every year with free bicycle education classes and resources. Sign up for a class and learn your rights and responsibilities on the road.


Regional Advocacy

Combining a bike and transit is a great way to get around the Bay Area. Find out about the SF Bicycle Coalition’s work to expand bike access on transit, open up more access on bridges and help expand bike share so you can pedal more easily around the Bay Area.


Youth and Family

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition partners with City agencies, community groups and schools to welcome even more youth and families to the joys of biking. Take a family biking class, get your child’s school involved and download our free Family Biking Guide.

Thumbnail_746x488-BusinessBikes and Business

Bikes and businesses are a winning combination. People biking spend more at local businesses than those driving, and businesses that offer bicycle encouragements attract high-quality employees. Let us make your business bike-friendly.